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Are you trying to understand your pension options? 

Pension Reviews

Pension Review

We give expert independent financial advice laying out your pension options for you in a way that's easy to understand. 

You can check out our FAQ's below.

A pension should provide a pot of monies that will allow you to

'live your retirement' 

the way that you want to live it  

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Why should I review my pension plan?

You may have been or are still paying into a range of pension plans. Holistic Finance can analyse your current pension provision for you. We do this through a combination of risk analysis tools with an in-depth scrutiny of charges, fees and financial performance of your plans.

How much money should I be investing in my pension?

That all depends on your goal in life and how comfortable you want to be in retirement. There is a fine balance between living for today whilst also having a steady eye on the future; a financial future that you can have a huge influence on. We will discuss this with you at your free initial meeting.

When can I access the monies in my Pensions?

Usually this is from your 55th birthday, though dependent on policy type (correct as at 2022/23), however this eligible age is increasing in the future to fall in line with the increase in State Pension age.

There are now a greater range of options available to you when you come to access your benefits from a pension, sometimes more choice can make things more confusing. We are here to help you understand the options that are best for you.

I have a number of old pension plans; can you look at these too?

Yes. We would need to consider all of your pension provision. This gives us a clearer picture of your overall retirement pot.

Should I consolidate my existing pension plans into one?

Perhaps, perhaps not. We will advise you as to whether this is a suitable and appropriate route to follow. It all depends on the outcome of our pension analysis. We will guide you, but ultimately it's your choice. 

I have a Defined Benefit (often called DB, final salary) Pension scheme. Do you look at these?

We can incorporate them as part of our overall assessment and discussions with you.

Should you require alternative accumulation/income options or transfer advice on your DB scheme then we would look to introduce a local Pension Transfer Specialist. This is a specialist that we utilise and have a close business relationship with; they would be responsible for all advice and recommendations regarding such a pension plan. 

We usually work with this pension specialist on a `Triage` basis where we are involved in all their meetings and discussions with you. Following the specialist advice and conclusion we would ultimately look to bring you back under the Holistic `umbrella` for all other services and advice.    

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