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Take the financial stress out of your life.

We provide independent financial advice to help you make the financial decisions that matter to you. 

Pension Review

Setting you on the right track for your future.

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Retirement Planning

Helping you achieve the lifestyle you want 



Growing your wealth.


 Annuity & 


Keeping it simple so you can make the right choice.


Tax Wrapper Planning 

Making sure your money is working hard for you.


IHT Planning

Looking after your families future.


What sets Holistic Finance aside from the rest?

          Our commitment to getting to know you

          Your financial freedom is our focus


          We look at all the options out there to see what's right for you

          We know trust is important, we're built on it

          We'll always be open and honest with you

          Our team is friendly and approachable

          We're here to advise and support you around your busy lifestyle

Did you know?

43% of the population admitted to not knowing how much they needed to retire according to a survey by

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"On the ball financial advice. Pleasant company. Approachable members of staff. Good advice given every time."

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Ensure your legacy goes to the ones you love.

Around 60% of adults in the UK haven't made a will.. are you one of them?

Make sure your wishes are carried out the way you want.


Save your family unnecessary distress at a difficult time.


Our sister company Holistic Law can help you.

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