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Retirement Planning

We are here to help you structure your retirement so that you can live the lifestyle you want to live.

Our focus is your financial freedom.

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Money is just a means to an end,

but quality of life is the end in itself


- Moving into Retirement -

Over the course of your life, leading up to your retirement, you will no doubt have accumulated 'wealth'.  This 'wealth' can be in many forms of assets, such as properties, pensions, investments and cash.

Upon retirement, you will be looking to release a retirement income from your accumulated wealth - an income that will supplement your chosen retirement lifestyle.

 - Discovering your needs -

Structuring your retirement involves putting rational thought to your retirement and to what you want to achieve, before the 'Sunset' of your life. 

Don't be put off by the word 'structure' though, forming a structure doesn't mean creating a rigid, set in stone plan with no room for manoeuvre.  We are here to help you pave the way, whatever way that may be, to a more rewarding retirement. 

Did you know?

One third of Brits say they feel financially unprepared for the decisions they will have to make in the future.


- ​Creating your plan - 

To structure your retirement, we would apply what we term the 'Retirement 5 plan'.​ We believe there are five key areas to consider when assessing your retirement future:

♦ Discovering your financial

 aims and lifestyle objectives

♦ Performing a comprehensive Financial Health check

♦ Introducing financially flexible solutions

♦ Protection and preservation of wealth

♦ Stress testing Longevity in Retirement


Secure your future. 

We're here to help you plan the retirement you want.

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