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Annuity and Flexi Access Drawdown 


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- Personal Pension Retirement Planning -

When it comes to releasing your `hard earned` benefits from your personal pension plan/s there are a number of options available to you.

The two most common income options (though we will discuss all options with you) are below:

- Pension Drawdown -

This pension income strategy allows you to access your pension benefits in what is usually termed `flexi-access Drawdown` or simply `Drawdown`.

By utilising Drawdown, you can withdraw your accumulated pension monies in a flexible manner to suit your retirement plan. 

Withdrawals can be as and when required which may be in regular income or ad hoc payments.

Usually your monies remain invested in the financial markets, which means they are subject to investment risk, volatility and investment losses as well as potential investment gains.

- Pension Annuity -​

An annuity is provided in exchange for a pension `pot` by a life annuity company.

Such an annuity provides a retirement income which is guaranteed and is usually paid for an `annuitants` lifetime, though shorter terms are available.

Annuities do not have the flexibility of `Drawdown` though unlike a Pension Drawdown plan there is usually very little risk involved.

Annuity rates can sometimes be enhanced due to further medical underwriting by the life company prior to the annuity being accepted.

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