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What is Ethical & Sustainable Wealth (E&S)?

As at ?? 2018 there was around Eight Billion pounds (sterling) invested in Ethical and Sustainable funds in the world financial markets and by 2025 this is forecast to reach a staggering ????. So what is E&S Wealth?

E&S Wealth is an investment approach whereby we help you invest your money into funds  based on a particular ethical, moral or sustainable stance.            

What is the difference between Ethical and Sustainable investing?

Ethical investment funds exclude company shares based on the particular screening mandate of a fund. This means that they may, for example, choose to omit all shares in companies that trade, make a profit from the sale of weaponry or are associated with the arms trade.


As an investor this means that you can choose a fund or portfolio of funds based on a particular ethical or moral standing.      

Sustainable investment funds choose to invest in companies that have sound corporate governance and either manufacture, support or service a sustainable product and/or have a strong environmental and sustainable approach to running and supporting a business. 


A business that manufactures Wind Turbines would be an example of a sustainable and environmental company. There are many more examples.         

Can you blend the two investment approaches? 

In a word yes! You can choose just ethical funds, only funds with a sustainable business ethos or a blend of the two.


In reality there are an ever increasing number of companies that are both ethical and sustainable minded businesses and an array of funds that mix a blend of such company shares under one roof.    

Does an Ethical and Sustainable investment approach actually make money? 

This is a frequently asked question. The ggfgfgfgfgfgfgfgfgfgfgfgfgfgf  

Where can I find more information on this style of investing?

Holistic E&S.jpg

Please send me details of the next Holistic Ethical & Sustainable Wealth Seminar

To find out more on Ethical & Sustainable investing simply click on the link below and/or register your interest to attend one of our regular seminars:

(by clicking the link you will be taken to the Holistic Ethical & Sustainable Wealth website) 




Holistic Ethical & Sustainable Wealth is a trading style of Holistic Finance, which is a subsidiary company The Holistic Consortium group of companies.  


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