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The right combination

Updated: Dec 15, 2018

When it comes to making a delicious dessert you need a bit of everything in there. An investment portfolio is no different.

Hopefully this picture got your attention. Appreciate it doesn't look like its got anything to do with finances, Just bear with me on this one.

Talking about Investments? Well, i would hazard a guess a large majority of people would often prefer to be tucking into the desserts above than discussing the FTSE 100.

Equally there would probably be even less complaints assuming the above were the finale to a three course meal washed down with a large glass of wine. You see, its about instant gratification. Nothing wrong with that. (they do look mouthwateringly good don`t they)

Investment returns on the other hand are not instant; they are a long term gain, however ironically if you get it right you can enjoy plenty more of the above culinary delights.

You see, its about getting the right blend of ingredients. Just like above, the fruit, the ice cream, the whipped cream, the wafer and topping sauce, they all compliment each other.

investing is a bit like this - its about putting together an investment plan that matches your risk appetite (I know - I am pushing it now) which includes your `chosen ingredients`. We call it risk diversification. Quite a mouthful, but essentially blending together a range of assets and funds that have a different `look and taste`, but ultimately that aim (over the longer term) to give you that winning combination.

If you would like more information on investing for the longer term then drop us a line.

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