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Making sure your ship hasn't sailed!

Updated: Dec 14, 2018

You’ve worked hard all your life, you’ve earned decent money, you’ve brought up a family, perhaps supported your children through further education – you’ve been there as Bank of Mum and Dad. You’ve done all that and more. And boy hasn’t life been a roller-coaster, but you’ve made it!

And now you’ve reached what should be your time, a golden time. A time when you `hang up your boots` slip into your Hawaiian shirt and sail into the sunset. It’s your retirement of course.

And naturally you’ve prepared for this once in a lifetime event – Right? because if you haven’t you may find that your dreams of a comfortable and secure retirement have been replaced by a far starker reality. And instead, your `sailing into the sunset` has been traded in for a cup of tea and a seat in front of the box watching channel 4`s `A place in the sun` (which by the way I personally happen to enjoy).

To be fair, you may retire with a great pension that you have laboriously contributed to (oh and more to the point your generous employer has too) and you have `enough` monies to live the life that you want to live – Fantastic.

But if you are like a large proportion of the UK population that won’t be receiving such a gilt-edged pension then you will need to set your stall out early and plan for your retirement. And this unfortunately means putting funds aside on a regular basis. Or you could win the lottery of course.

So, the morale of my little blog is this - Please don’t leave it too late. Don’t be the one that gets to retirement and then suddenly realises they don’t have enough money to fulfil their retirement dreams. Don’t be the one where the old adage `that ship has sailed` springs to mind and it is too late to do anything about it.

Be the one that plans their own future, be the one that saves regularly, be the one that contributes to pensions, be the one that is financially astute, be the one in charge of their own financial destiny.

And if you need some help with this retirement planning – then pick up the phone and drop in for an informal friendly chat. What have you got to lose?

contact Holistic Finance - 01642 265465

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